UA South Representatives!

UA South Representatives!

The University of Arizona South has selected student representatives to attend the annual HACU National Capitol Forum in Washington, D.C. These students are those who are highly passionate and motivated by higher education. They take initiative to support and advocate for others, are actively involved in their school and community, and have a general knowledge of the U.S. government system. 

While at the Forum, each student will write blog posts describing their experienceCome along on their journey and read their posts!
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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Angela Lucero's Bio

     I'm Angela Lucero and am currently in my senior year at UA South in Sierra Vista.   I have lived in the southwest almost my entire life and spent the last fifteen years in Sierra Vista.  I have developed some incredible friendships and seen how the community has grown and evolved.  I am a full-time student, a full-time Digital Media Literacy Teacher for the Palominas School District, and also a full-time wife and mom to three teenagers.

     It has been through my time at UA South where I discovered how vital high education is to a person's future.  I never believed that I needed a degree to "make it" in the world and while a person is able to make a living without one, I've experienced first hand the doors that are opened to you when you have a degree.  In May 2017, I completed my BS in Elementary Education, and before I graduated with my teaching degree, I knew the very next program I wanted to pursue.  I returned in the fall to begin a BAS in Cyber Operations and will graduate in December 2018.

     I applied for the HACU Capitol Forum because I believe in advocating for others and voicing concerns over topics that I am passionate about.  I want to discover ways to connect high education with my community and help future students to find their calling.  My focus that I will be discussing with members of the House and Senate is capturing students for computer and cyber degree programs.  It's essential that to increase interest in these types of programs, Hispanic students need to have access to experiences sooner.  

     My own experience in attending college would have been drastically different if there had been someone to help me discover what I was good at and guide me toward a path that suited me.  I didn't go to college right after high school because I didn't know what I wanted to study and being from a small town, the steps needed to go away to college were not easily laid out, so I didn't go.  I want to ensure that others don't encounter similar roadblocks and if they have, help them to achieve their goals.

Douglas E. Santiago, University of Arizona, 2018 HACU Conference, Washington D.C.


                      2018 University of Arizona South, H.A.C.U. Conference, Washington D. C


      •  Student Name:       Douglas Elvin Santiago

      •  Student Location:   Douglas, Arizona

      •  University:              University of Arizona

      •  Status:                     Senior

      • Major:                      Administration of Justice

                                                                Student Biography
                          My name is Douglas Elvin Santiago, a senior at the University of Arizona.

                          I'm majoring in Administration of Justice with an estimated graduation date           

                          of May, 2019. I'm a 41 year old student, who works full time for the State of 

                          Arizona and attends the university on a part time basis. I have completed 27  

                          unit of a required 45, with an overall G.P.A. thus far of 4.0. 

                                             2018 H.A.C.U. Conference, Washington D.C. 

                          It is the up most pleasure and distinguished honor of mine to be representing

                          my university at the conference. I plan on making the most out of this once in
                          a lifetime opportunity to attend such an important conference. As a student of

                          Hispanic descent, who resides in a region of the country with a large 

                          concentration of Hispanic Americans, I feel that there is a need to voice and   

                          address concerns that not only affects this particular and unique segment of  

                          the population, but its higher education students as well. I believe that I can 

                          be an important source, while attending this conference, in addressing these

                                                       Individual Topic of Discussion

                          My individual topic of discussion at the 2018 H.A.C.U. Conference, will be

                          the importance of protecting the temporary status granted to DACA
                          recipients, in particular those who are attending higher education facilities,

                          seeking degrees and conforming with all aspects of established laws, policies

                          and/or procedures. 

                                                       Post Conference Debriefing

                          Upon my return from the 2018 H.A.C.U. Conference in Washington D.C., I

                          intend on updating the followers of this particular blog, with my unique 
                          experience, and based on my experience, I hope that future generations of 

                          University of Arizona students, become encouraged and motivated in 

                          potentially attending this conference, such as was the case with myself.